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How is steaming beneficial for your hair?

Hydration treatment.....steaming caps....hand held steamers....All of these are being implemented in salons everywhere. Is steaming really beneficial for your hair? Let’s talk about it!

Steaming opens up the cuticle and allows the product to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. It also helps to detoxify the scalp increasing blood circulation.....which assists in hair growth.


  1. Is steaming the same as using a hooded dryer

Yes and no. They both open the cuticle. However, steaming does it faster and adds additional moisture. Steaming won’t dry the hair.

2. Can steaming damage my hair?

If used incorrectly steaming can damage the hair and/or skin. Steaming should not be done longer than 20 minutes, with the proper setting, and from the right distance.

3. How often should I Steam my hair?

In my opinion, if you’re a weekly/bi-weekly shampooer you can steam with each shampoo session. If you shampoo more often, I would suggest no more than once a week.

4. Can I use any conditioner when I steam?

To achieve the full benefits of steaming, you want to use a quality moisture or protein conditioner.

KimArtistry Hair Studio offers Hydration and Protein Steam treatments that can be added to any service.



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